DIY 3D Printer

In this page and its subpages you will find instructions to make your own 3D printer. 

You have to buy some parts in the internet (ebay...) but all the palstic stucural parts will be selfmade. Please look also 3D printers witch we made during the project.  We all started with one design and concept, but in the end...  they are all different 🙂 Over engineering and product development at its best!

When clever teachers from different schools are making some machine, they always will add somekind of "user manual" with it. 

Below is universal 3D printer user manual. 

You can also download .doc version in the button below and modify it to your own needs and printers!

Safety instructions!

- is damaged,

- does not work properly,

- has been stored for a longer period in unfavorable conditions, or has been overloaded during transport.

To Start printing