3D Printer Project

Welcome to our project events page. 

Here you can read about different meetings what we had touring this project.  

1. Kick-off meeting 

As the beginning of the project was affected by COVID-19 the first transnational project meeting among partners was postponed and took place virtually on 22th and 29th of September 2020 via GoogleMeet. 

Team members of each institution got familiarized with the project timetable and different possibilities in this new challenging situation were discussed and fixed. We agreed on the responsibilities, communication channels and team work environment. 

After the meeting we opened a competition for students from each school - the goal was to design a proper logo for this project. 

2. Joint staff training "3D Technologies, 3D printing and the study of materials

Due to COVID-19 situation we had to continue virtually. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) organized 5 training days via Microsoft Teams and Moodle in January and February 2021. Each day had a certain topic related to the 3D area. 

It was useful training for vocational staff to step into a specific area and we gained  knowledge of contemporary opportunities and capabilities. Training gave new knowledge for vocational teachers who are prepared to start working out learning materials and integrating 3D printing into their teaching methodology. Training visualised the future labour market and helped to lead experts from every participating organisation into relevant innovative approaches and developments in preparing future employees. 

3. Joint staff training event “Building a 3D printer from scratch”

Second staff training took place in Kayseri, Turkey on 8.-13. of November 2021.  Participants were trained on 3D printer assembly and programming.  Kayseri Central Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School had prepared modules related to 3D printers learning and teaching courses and made an overview of their opportunities, facilities and resources in the 3D technology area. As an innovative and entrepreneurial school, they developed 3 printers themselves and supplied them to other educational institutions. It was  very interesting training which provided new practical knowledge. As a result every participant had the knowledge to start composing their own 3D printer in their schools with students (this will be done in coming  months).

During training it was possible to visit local companies and university technology parks, sharing experiences among universities and vocational institutions. Through intensive peer-to-peer learning all participants  learned from each other’s best practices and it helped to enhance their personal and professional development.

4. Transnational Project Meeting in Poland

Second transnational meeting took place in Poland on 24.-25.01.2022. The aim of this meeting was to synchronise the data and intellectual output gained throughout the working  process. Representing so far achieved and draft materials to each other . The final format, layout and other technical details were agreed upon. 

The partners discussed the matters of theoretical and practical aspects of integrating 3D printing into the teaching/learning process, described and mapped their demands and found the best solutions together. Next project activities were planned, gantt-chart and work-progress cross-checked and updated.

5. Joint staff training “3D design and drawings”

Next training was in Estonia, Tallinn on 25.-30. April 2022 at Tallinn Technical University.

The participants learned SolidWorks and Cura software. The aim of this meeting was to start creating drawings as useful teaching materials. In groupworks and round-table discussions ideas and principles of learning materials which connect technical drawings and practical printing values were worked out. Teachers discovered new methods of teaching the overall vision of a product's lifecycle from drawing up to a tangible product. It gave a new and innovative approach for teaching 3D printing and possibility to develop innovative curriculums in vocational education.

6. Joint staff workshop  “3D printer technology integration into professional training” 

Our last training session was in Hungary on 17.-22.October 2022. During this workshop every partner introduced their developed materials and connections between different fields. So far created materials were reviewed and tested by the teachers group themselves and for the local students test group in real lessons. It was fun to admitt, that language, environment and situation may be different, but students are always the same! It brought out the parts that needed further development. During innovative workshops participants exchanged their best practices, and during a peer-to-peer review and brainstorms got new synergy, confidence and innovative ideas about further study materials and how to amplify the 3D printing technology integration into vocational education. 

7. Transnational Project Meeting in Turkey 

Last transnational meeting took place in Kayseri, Turkey on 29.11.-01.12.2022. The aim of this meeting was to review the final version of intellectual outputs and control the e-platform formalisation (materials structure to guarantee comprehensive view, table of contents, final design etc). Each partner took some study materials and examples with them to represent a multiplier event which was planned to take place just after the implementation meeting. Each partner distribution plan and future responsibilities were discussed and agreed. Analysis of the project - how we did, did we achieve all goals, what might be improved more, valuable experiences and lessons for future. Preparations for final report started.

Multiplier event in Turkey 01.12.2022

The project activities, outcomes, events, exhibitions and other details were disseminated to the target groups.

8. Transnational Project Meeting in Estonia 

Second multiplier event was in Estonia, Pärnu on 14.12.2022. Project outcomes and implementation examples in vocational education were represented to the teachers from Estonian vocational schools, cooperation partners from companies and enthusiasts from the public. Leader team from Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre introduced study projects, shared their practical experiences about integrating 3D printing into different curriculum fields. Professor from Tallinn Technical University gave an overview of 3D printing numerous facets. Exhibition area in the school technical department laboratory was opened and participants had a chance to take part in workshops.