Tools and Parts List

Here are the list of parts needed to follow the DIY 3D printer build tutorial.

Parts list for 3D printer

Below is parts list that you need to assemble 3D printer, what is shown in Step by Step instructions page. You can always make changes and modify parts accordingly your own needs.

For example Pärnu school ordered wrong heatbed (20x20 cm they got 30x30 cm). Nothing wasn't very wrong, but they also had to make adjustments for their 3D dawings.

Example 2: in the list below there is 12V heatbed and printhead (nozzle). That is ok, but other option is 24V. Then you should use 24V capable parts- heatbed, nozzle head and 220V to 24V power unit.

parts list.xlsx

Tools to DIY 3D printer

Here you can find a list of tools you need to assemble 3D printer. 

Things you need:

3D printed parts needed for 3D printer

Here you can find download list for 3D printer selfmade parts

Y carrier 1

Filament holder


90x90 corner

Wire guide

Y carrier 2


Z carrier part 1

Z carrier part 2

Adjusting screw

90x90 corner Big

Nema 17 motor mount


Al profile endcap

X carrier 1

X carrier 2

Z axis carrier

Arduino cover

Screen holder

Screen cover

Z motor holder

Nozzle carrier